Kitchen Respraying

Does the cost of a new look for your kitchen fill you with dread?  To the delight of many happy clients, we have resprayed and transformed kitchens with our expert spray painting and restoration techniques.  This is the most cost-effective and affordable solution to give your kitchen a new lease of life.

Please see below our highly professional, quality and strategic kitchen respray process:


1. Our spray team come out on day 1 to remove all doors and drawers from the kitchen, these are taken back to our booth to begin the prep and spray paint process. On this same day the spray team will start any on site spraying required on items that cannot be removed. All areas not being sprayed will be precision masked up with paper and tape to ensure no mess for the customer.

2. We get to work on the doors and drawers in booth which receive prep work (this can involve fixing any damage that these items may have), they are then primed and given 2 coats of the chosen paint before lastly drying in the drying room.

3. Once the above is complete doors & drawers are returned and re-fitted to the kitchen and the job is complete, you now have a completely new kitchen without the cost.